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Serendipity is “the faculty of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.”  Looking back at the last year I am grateful that serendipity is at work in my life.  In my case it’s not things but people.

Those people with whom my chance interactions this last year were pivotal are Allen, Barbara and the Jane’au.

In November 2017, Allen, a longtime friend of my husband Bob, made a special trip from his home in Connecticut just to see him.  He had never seen my art, and asked if I was just going to keep them all for myself, or was I going to show them to the world at large?

In late December 2017, I was searching for a place to have a canvas print made of one of my newer collages for Barbara.  I was having no luck when I noticed the Creo Studios store on Woodward Avenue.

On a whim I decided to check it out and met the owner, Ms. Jane’au Deese.  Creo Studios does marketing, printing and web sites. Jane’au liked the images I had with me on my tablet, thought they were unique and encouraged me to think about meeting again after the holiday.

So much thanks to Allen, Barbara and Jane’au.

I sincerely wish that serendipity is working for you today as you peruse the art presented here at Kari-Lu Collages.  Watch for more on a regular schedule.

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